Ever since computers became popular, tech geeks have been on the innovative side to manufacture state-of-the-art components to suit it. There are lots of variation in keyboards these days. 

There is the wired, wireless, USB, Bluetooth keyboard, etc. The most important is how the keyboard function. 

Hence, the membrane switch keyboard. This post contains an overview of this keyboard. Read on to find out more!


What Is Membrane Switch Keyboard?

The membrane switch keyboard is a keyboard that does not have its keys not separated, unlike the mechanical ones. It is built from flexible materials and is covered by a transparent membrane, hence its name.


How Does It Function?

This keyboard has its conductive and graphic inks are printed on the material. It functions by opening or closing an electric circuit temporarily. Electrical contact is made between the membrane and the circuit when a key is pressed.  Thus, closing the circuit and registering the keystroke. When the pressure is lifted, the circuit is opened.


Components Of The Membrane Switch Keyboard

This keyboard consists of five main components assembled in layers, using heat-sealing films or pressure-sensitive glues. These components include; the graphics overlay, conductive tracks, domes, spacers, and terminals.

    • The graphics overlay is the outer part of the keyboard. It is durable, resistant, and clear, made from polyester material for flexibility. The graphic inks are printed in reverse and are protected by plastic film.
    • The domes provide tactile feedback when the keyboard is pressed. It can be metal or plastic. But usually, it is made of plastic. 
    • The spacer is a layer that creates a break between the switch and conductors. The conductors are on the circuit layer
    • The circuit layer contains the conductive paths of the keyboard. These paths are created by screen printing or photochemical engraving. Screen printing is done by stencil and silver ink for conduction. While photochemical engraving is done on a carbon laminate photographically. Overall, the circuit can be two-layered or single-layered.
    • The circuit terminal is a flat ribbon consisting of conductive tracks that connect the keyboard switch to the control unit.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose These Keyboards?


1. It Is Quiet

Unlike mechanical keyboards, these keyboards do not make clicking noises when pressed. It beeps quietly or flashes when pressed.

2. It Is Portable

Membrane switch keyboards are constructed from flexible and light materials. Generally, they weigh less than mechanical ones. It makes them easy to carry around.

3. It Is Cost-Effective

Most materials used in making the keyboard are common and easy to come by. Hence, it is not expensive, and it comes with similar functions as other keyboards. They are available for purchase online at cost-effective rates.

4. It Is Durable

This keyboard tolerates liquid spills and dust. Unlike the mechanical keyboard, it has a plastic film that protects the conductive side. Spillage and dirt cannot cause common keyboard failure.

5. It Is Flexible

These keyboards are more flexible than their mechanical counterpart, courtesy of the material they are made from; polyester plastic. This material is soft and allows for flexibility.


Membrane switch keyboards combine innovation, sophistication, and functions; to give users the desired keyboard interface. Industries are not left out in their use. It is used in several keypads like the microwave, printers, telephone dial, and security systems. What’s to stop you from getting one for yourself?