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With state of the art Human Machine Interface technology, Protolab aims at creating the perfect gateway between humans and the world of technology.

Interfacing People Through Visually Elegant & Intellectually Powerful Solutions with…

Solutions We Offer

Input Devices



Ultra thin, from 500 micron to 1500 micron thickness, with embedded SMDLEDs.



Made with UL-approved, hard-coated raw materials which can operate in harsh environments with a life cycle of a million actuations.



Hermetically sealed to IP 65 and 67 standards.

Auto Dials


Attractive designs

Expertly printed in up to 133 dots per inch, with options for multiple colors, metallics and transparency features.


Uniform Illumination

Crystal clear clarity across the speed, tell-tale indicators and LCD display.


Profiles and Insert Mould Decorations (IMD)

Specialists in 2D and 3D graphics, in polycarbonates and moulded PMMA.

More Products

Printed Graphics

Printed graphics are the intuitive human interface of your equipment, which provides aesthetic brand appeal with navigational and visual communication.


Ultra light and thin.


High gloss finishes and selective texturing.


End-to-end customization.

Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics represent an emerging area of printing electrical devices on flexible substrates.


Optical quality printing.


Highly durable and temperature resistant.


Smart wearables.

Smart Cards

Practical, durable and unique plastic cards made of special materials like PVC, PET and ABS with layers of lamination.


Adhering to ISO standards.


Wide range of thicknesses and textures.


Eye-catching and personalized designs.

Precious Packaging

Precious packaging blister packs combine attractive designs with security features. They are made of PVC to preserve the beauty of coins, bars, articles and precious stones.


Guaranteed tamper-proof security features.


Brilliant anti-counterfeiting designs.


Stunning guilloche graphics and holographic patterns.


auto dials print for Airlines


Fuel Dispensers



Manufacturers of Precious Packaging For Metals and Stones

Bullion & Gems

Medical Equipment



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What is Shielding?

What is Shielding?

Shielding, in the context of Membrane Keypads and keyboards, refers to the use of materials and techniques to protect electronic components from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI). EMI and RFI are forms of electromagnetic...

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