Input Devices

A touch so distinct.


An input device provides the user interface for medical, industrial and commercial products. These are durable, lightweight and flexible panels with strong adhesives which support a variety of applications and can endure harsh environmental conditions. Our input devices can be profiled to any shape and form and are created using polycarbonates or polyesters of strong adhesion to ensure it can withstand harsh environments.

Flexible Membrane Switches

These are wafer thin assemblies consisting of an array of normally open momentary contact switches printed using conductive substrates. SMD LEDs can be embedded and sealed in the membrane, making it an economical and superior alternative to Conventional Switching Systems. They can be standardized or customized to suit individual requirements.

PCB-based Hybrid Switches

These are similar to flexible membranes except the contact layers are etched on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). They can be designed to incorporate discrete passive components, mechanical switches, surface mount devices and provisions for active components. They are supported with riveted mountings. The complete assembly is self supporting. They can also be housed in enclosures or integrated with other accessories.

Capacitative Keyboards

Capacitive keyboards work primarily by detecting the change in capacitance on a capacitor pad, spread across the entire keyboard. Unlike traditional keyboards, electricity is always flowing in a capacitive keyboard. Capacitive keyboards are faster than contact keyboards as they only require a gentle push to register a keystroke.

Integrated Keyboards

We are also equipped with the technology and expertise to combine these various features into a single product which serves multiple functions and specifications.


These uniformly backlit keyboards can be created in multiple colours, illuminated keys, borders, icons, and text without dark zones, as well as with light guide films with a plunger for key contact. They can be designed in white, colored or RGB LEDs.

Membrane Switch Solutions

Are standard switch layouts available with both options of with or without tactile feedback. They work on the principle of scalable modular dimensions and can be used in conjunction with a custom overlay. Our range of standard products are compatible with most enclosures available in the market.


Prosteel vandal resistant keyboards are hermitically sealed and are designed to withstand the harshest environment or attempts of vandalism. They can be designed with stainless steel, alluzinc, aluminum and even plastics. They can be produced in various key shapes and sizes. Legends such as braille can be engraved or etched with emboss or deboss effects.


Silicone Rubber Keypads replace costly mechanical switches at lower cost and with greater design versatility. They can be made to look and feel like traditional mechanical switches while eliminating some of their inherent disadvantages. Like membrane switches, rubber keypads can be made to resist moisture and other harsh environmental conditions. Screen printing enhances rubber keypads by printing the graphics on the tactile part. Over coating to extend its life expectancy will be added when keypad graphics will be exposed to conditions like high abrasion applications.

Metal Touch

Metal touch input systems are designed on the principles of capacitance using metallic surfaces like steel. they can be designed with audible and haptic feedback and are waterproof. Another highlight of the technology is it can operate with water. The metal plates can be anodized or printed as per custom specifications. This system can be operated even with gloves.

Programmable Keyboards

Programmable keyboards allow for more accurate outputs, and thus are time-efficient. You can create your own actions with Advanced Scripting, Program keyboard shortcuts, text snippets or launch programs. Illuminated keyboards give keys greater visibility under low-lights. The connector comes with 3 additional USB ports.





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