Smart Cards

Flash, swipe and tap: a unique identity.


An input/output device provides the user interface for medical, industrial and commercial products.These are durable, lightweight and flexible panels which support a variety of applications and can endure harsh environmental conditions. Our input devices can be profiled to any shape and form and are created using polycarbonates or polyesters of strong adhesion to ensure it is long lasting with the product it is adhered to.

UID Cards

Unique identification with photograph and personal demographics which can have bar codes, QR codes, and intelligence like a chip (RFID/magnetic) for Aadhar or PAN information.

SIM Bodies

We manufacture bodies for SIM cards ranging in size from micro to nano. This body provides secure packaging for the SIM card, prevents tampering and allows for a visually attractive extension of the brand identity.

Magnetic Cards

These use similar technology as the credit cards used in our day to day lives. The magnetic stripe on the card is coded with identification data and secure null characterizations algorithms. The magnetic stripe, sometimes called swipe card or magstripe, is read by swiping past a magnetic reading head. They can be customized to suit individual applications.

RFID Cards

These cards ensure secured means of identification. They have also proved to be successful storage medium of units of value, with up to 64kb of memory and more. They are implanted with crypto-processors to create the ideal security pass which are compact, portable and practical.

Gift Cards

Cards that contain specific amounts of encoded and encashable values. These can be used by retailers and other commercial institutions to allow customers to gift store credit to people, and can also be used to create cross-brand loyalty. These attractive plastic cards are designed to extend the institutions branding.

Loyalty Cards

These cards are given to a customer by a business to reward them for buying goods or services and to record information about what they buy. Loyalty cards made from plastic are long-lasting and may be reloaded if the point of sale system being used supports that feature. Loyalty cards can be personalized with membership numbers or name and may include other variable data like a barcode or magnetic stripe. RFID technology is also available.

Bureau Services

Photo embedding / digitizing & laminationNon erasable printing
Lamination with holograms and holographic filmsSignature and scratch panels
Automatic serial and random number printingCMYK & Guilloche printing
Creative screen printing | digital | offset printingMatte and gloss finishes
200 – 800 micron thickness confirming to ISO standards & moreDatabase management
Card personalizationEmbossing and tipping
Hot foil stampingMagnetic stripe and chip secure encoding


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Confirming to ISO 27001 standards.
We can manufacture cards from 200 to 1500 micron thicknesses.
Option of non-erasable variable printing.
A wide array of selective textures.
End-to-end personalization and fulfillment services.