Printed Electronics

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Introduction To Printed Electronics

  • Printed Electronics represents an emerging area of printing electrical circuits on flexible substrates.
  • This technology can bypass traditional expensive and inflexible silicon-based electronics.
  • They are being used on numerous devices and are made using high-end printing approaches.
  • From medical devices to sporting equipment to wearable technologies to logistics to aviation to the automobile industry, printed electronics are everywhere.
  • They say the best technology is the one that feels like it is not present. 
  • At Protolab, we do exactly that. Moreover, we deploy state of the art printing technology to achieve just that. 
  • They are everywhere you can imagine. 
  • On devices you see at your home, shopping mall, car, office, factories, hospital, gyms, amusement park, cafes & more.
  • At Protolab, we have successfully manufactured over 1200+ designs of printed electronics for over 50+ large-scale MNCs around the globe. 
  • Are you looking for a trusted manufacturing partner to meet all your design, technological & quality requirements? 
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Types Of Printed Electronics


  • Wearable technology with flexible displays & flexible sensors enables devices to conform to our bodies and clothes.
  • These devices capture, process & display biometric data from our bodies.
  • They also act as a display + control device, allowing us to view notifications, time, control music, etc., by linking to a smartphone.
  • The advent of augmented reality & virtual reality is further expanding the horizons for using this technology.
  • At Protolab, we manufacture the inner core that empowers these devices and allows them to be compact.
  • We manufacture flexible circuits, sensors & motherboards for wearable technology devices.
  • These components are thin, light, durable, and designed using visually attractive branding.
  • Speak to our design & engineering experts to know how to deliver a world-class solution for you at a great price.


  • This printed circuit system uses “Positive Temperature Coefficient” ink to generate heat. 
  • This technology is self-regulating & does not use any wires, making it a safe alternative without fear of overheating.
  • They are used in automotive, medical, athletics, aerospace and defense industries.
  • We manufacture them using screen-printing technology.
  • A substrate is printed with conductive busbars & resistive heating components.
  • To safeguard the printed circuit, an insulating layer is applied. 
  • The insulating layer can be printed with branding images such as logos or operation instructions.
  • The final form of the multi-layer heater is then laser or die-cut.
  • The heater can be easily mounted in the final installation thanks to an adhesive coating attached to the other side.
  • Speak to us today to understand how to manufacture such printed heating devices compatible with your product design.


  • These devices detect medically relevant parameters from simple physical parameter like blood pressure or temperature.
  • These flexible printed devices can be clubbed with biosensors as well.
  • They are used to capture different data points that help medical professionals analyze the status of our body functions.
  • High‐resolution screen printing of pristine graphene fabricates conductive lines on flexible substrates.
  • Well‐defined silicon stencils & viscosity‐controlled inks facilitate the preparation of high‐quality graphene patterns as narrow as 40 μm.
  • This technology provides an efficient method to produce highly flexible graphene electrodes for printed electronics.
  • They are widely used in various medical devices.
  • Protolab is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible sensors in the world.



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