Auto Dials

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Introduction to Auto Dials

  • Auto dials, also known as automotive dials or printed dials or speedometer dials are instrument dials and gauges that allow the user to identify important controls and indicators at a glance.
  • They are interface + output devices that fit within the design of the car, bike or any other automobile.
  • We have the in-house design capabilities & advanced machinery to manufacture instrument cluster graphics for automotive industries.
  • In addition to that, we have decades of experience working with all the leading automobile manufacturers worldwide. 
  • We have catered to all kinds of design, quality, functionality & UI/UX requirements.
  • The quality & performance of our printed dials/speedometers has stood the test of time & won us many accolades.
  • This has made Protolab one of the most trusted manufacturers of these components worldwide.

Types of Auto Dials

Tell-tale indicators

  • Tell-tale indicators have symbols that illuminate a status or display a response. 
  • This type of autodial is designed as per automobile manufacturer’s standards and is backlit to illuminate when required. 
  • These are incorporated into the printed dials or as standalone indicating labels using colored LEDs or bulbs.
  • We can add printed filters in various colors and illumination effects to these indicators as per the client’s requirements.
  • At Protolab, we offer a host of other customization options for manufacturing tell-tale indicators.
  • The scale of our manufacturing and innovative technology also gives us the edge to provide a competitive price.

Diffusers & Light Enhancers

  • When backlighting is used to illuminate LCDs, there can be a need for light diffusion or light enhancement. 
  • Both are distinct components that can be manufactured through the printing process.
  • Dot formations in various angles are printed on top of a sheet to spread the light uniformly from its source.
  • The dot formation spreads the light where it does not reach and diffuses where it is too bright. 
  • These are generally placed underneath the top interfacing layer of an autodial.
  • It works on the principle of reflection and refraction.
  • At Protolab, we can manufacture all types, shapes and designs of diffusers and light enhancers for autodials.
  • You can speak to our customer service executives to receive more details.

Light Guides

  • Light guides or light pipes are used to transmit light at a distance from the source.
  • They are made of PMMA or Polycarbonate.
  • Light guides can be moulded in different shapes and forms. 
  • This reduces the number of LEDs required & allows the engineering of the output location to be away from the final point. 
  • These can be moulded with micro-dots & frosted textures to prevent light loss and enhance the illumination kandela values as required.
  • Light guides are often used as a part of the instrument dials /speedometer or dashboard assembly of cars, scooters and bikes.
  • At Protolab, we are equipped at manufacturing them at scale with a wide range of customizations.
  • We have engineering & design experts within our team who can help you to craft the ideal solution.

3D In-mould Decorations

  • IMD, or In-Mould Decorations, are 3-dimensional labels manufactured using substrates of polycarbonate & polyesters.
  • They are printed using special ink.
  • They are usually manufactured by thermoforming.
  • The labels are embedded in the moulded articles during blow moulding, injection moulding or thermoforming.
  • It results in highly attractive & impressive decorations or components that can be designed in various colors & finishes.
  • 3D IMDs are used extensively in the automobile industry to provide a more premium appearance.
  • At Protolab, we can manufacture 3D IMDs in all sizes, shapes, configurations and designs at scale.
  • The 3D IMDs manufactured by us stand out as a unique design element in many popular motorbikes across the globe.

Metal Gauge / Moulded Product

  • Auto manufacturers also use printed metal gauges or moulded products as auto dials.
  • At Protolab, we have the latest equipment and machinery for printing on moulded components & metal gauges.
  • We can print in a wide range of colors per the customer’s specifications.
  • We can integrate these parts with various finishes like PU doming, textures & colors. 
  • We can print on PMMA, ABS moulded parts, toughened glass, aluminum, stainless steel & powder-coated surfaces using special inks & surface textures.
  • Talk to us today to determine how we can print on metal gauges and other moulded products for your company.
  • We have been regularly supplying to all the leading automobile manufacturers globally.





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