Precious Packaging

Preserving Purity

Introduction To Precious Packaging

  • Precious packaging products preserve the beauty of coins, bars, gift articles & precious stones by combining attractive designs with security features.
  • The packaging is usually made of PVC / PET.
  •  It is designed to prevent moisture from affecting the metal’s quality & shine. 
  • These packaging cards are available in various sizes, colors & dimensions.
  • We manufacture 4 types of precious packaging products: Bullion packaging, Blister packaging, Foam packaging, and Wooden boxes.
  • We have successfully designed and delivered premium packaging products for some of the leading jewellery brands in India & abroad.
  • We are equipped with the latest printing technology, thermoforming and moulding machines to develop packaging products in all designs and shapes.
Coins, bars, articles, precious stones packaging company india

Bullion Packaging

  • Bullion packaging contains of two layers: the front is the housing card for the bullion & the rear is the seal card with the adhesive.
  • The bullion is visible through the transparent 3-dimensional window. 
  • We design the packaging with attractive designs & branding, which enhances the beauty of the article. 
  • They are also known as “Certicards.”They can incorporate various data required to certify the bullion or gemstone.
  • Talk to our packaging designers today to know how to design and deliver bullion packaging products at scale for your brand.

Blister Packaging

  • Blister packaging products are manufactured with a clear thermoformed layer of plastic with locking and a printed insert for brand promotion. 
  • The customer embeds the articles & a radio frequency welding seals the blister packaging, making them tamper-evident. 
  • Any shape can be given for the article to snugly fit in it.
  • Besides, keeping the precious metal or gift articles safe also ensures that the product looks more appealing, thereby prompting sales by making a strong impression.
  • Protolab has manufacturing prowess in developing blister packaging products in all shapes, sizes and designs. 
  • Talk to our packaging designers today to understand how to develop a packaging solution for your brand.

Foam Packaging

  • Foam packaging is generally used for larger bullion objects like precious metal bars.
  • Instead of using the thermoformed blister, they are embedded between layers of foam which hold the bar in a tight fit, ensuring the shine and luster are preserved.
  • The foam can be chosen in different colors and we can print on the surface to add the branding aspects.
  • Foam packaging is stronger and harder than regular bullion or blister packaging. 
  • At Protolab, we have manufactured world-class foam packaging products for our clients for over 25 years.
  • Our designers and engineers can also craft a custom precious packaging solution for your brand. Talk to us today to explore further.

Wooden Boxes

  • Jewelry brands generally use wooden box packaging.
  • They are also used for packaging perfumes, watches and other expensive fashion & lifestyle products.
  • Wood is considered a premium form of packaging as it enhances the appearance and value of the merchandise.
  • Gold, Silver and Platinum coins are also packed in wooden boxes with intricate carvings, especially for gifting purposes.
  • The arrangement of coins within the box can be customized as per the client’s requirement.
  • At Protolab, we manufacture wooden boxes with beautiful designs with different finishes, and carvings as the clients require.





Precious Articles

Precious Gems


UV inks which create fluorescence and appear to glow in UV light.
Guilloche graphics & Holographic patterns for brilliant & anti-counterfeiting designs.
Tamper evident security seals.
Additional textures and tactile feedback.
Screen, Multicolour Offset, Digital Printing or a combination of Multiple processes.