About Us

Caring, Listening, Satisfying.

Since 1989

We at Protolab have been committed to pushing the frontiers of human-machine interfaces.
We strive to craft interface solutions that are visually elegant and intellectually powerful.
We’re passionate about it, and we believe in unveiling the potential to do more, beyond the horizon of infinite possibilities from concept through completion. Our focus is on developing impeccably designed, upscale immersive interfaces for various applications. We work in collaboration with our esteemed customers to develop products that resonate with empathy and precision.

In the time since our founding, we have developed deep human expertise and vast manufacturing capabilities in this domain. And we’re still equally excited about inventing new facets of human-machine interfaces, everywhere you imagine.

We Aspire To

Be the Global Leader in providing Human-Machine Interface Solutions.

Reign the frontiers of innovation.

Be the One-Stop Shop for integrated solutions.

Provide value through convenience and reliability through technology.

Our Strength As A Team

At Protolab, we rely on the expertise of our people, and understand our client’s stringent requirements, specifications and quality requirements. With experience, skill and sheer passion, Team Protolab delivers best-in-class solutions through caring and listening.

Protolab has a team of proactive engineers and a dedicated workforce with hands-on experience in manufacturing customized solutions for Input devices, Printed Electronics, Printed Graphics, Auto Dials, Smart Cards and Precious Packaging.

Team members in the Protolab family

Satisfied clients and OEMs across the world.

Team of highly creative designers and engineers.

Years of experience of the promoters and core team.

We are proud to be a Women-Dominated Enterprise

75% Women

Our team comprises a large number of women working across different organisational levels, from skillfully creating our products to efficiently managing operational and managerial functions.

We have observed that the level of care and attention to detail required comes naturally to our female employees, and is evident in the way they operate our automated lines, conduct manual processes and even operate heavy production equipment with care and precision.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Protolab has two climatically and dust controlled manufacturing facilities and both are intelligently designed on the principals of LEAN, EHS and OHSAS compliance ensuring TPM and TQM standards.

24+ Advanced Testing Equipment

Production Capacity

Input Devices

100,000 sq. mtrs.

Auto Dials

10 million parts

Printed Graphics

75,000 sq. mtrs.

Printed Electronics

50,000 sq. mtrs.

Smart Cards

10 million parts

Precious Packaging

5 million parts

Foam Gaskets

2 million parts

Delivering Quality Solutions


Over 1200 OEMs


From 48 industry verticals


Across 10 countries across the globe


With over 50+ product offerings


24+ Enhancements

Certified with Highest Standards of Quality

Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015

Automotive Quality Management System

IATF 16949:2016

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001:2015

Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series

ISO 45001:2018

Medical Devices Quality Management System

In Process

We are Strategically Located

Protolab is located in the satellite city of Mumbai, which happens to be the Financial Capital of India

protolabs proximity to airport

Proximity to airport

protolabs proximity to major ports

Proximity to major ports

protolabs Connectivity with major railroad and roads

Connectivity with major railroad and roads

protolabs proximity to airport

Proximity to airport

protolabs Connectivity with major railroad and roads

Connectivity with major railroad and roads

protolabs proximity to major ports

Proximity to major ports