Switches are crucial for the functioning of numerous electrical gadgets. Simply put, a switch is an electrical part essential to control a circuit by either breaking the circuit or completing it. 

There are various kinds of switches, be that as it may, one of the most prominent ones is a PCB switch. This is because PCB switches have become a well-known option in contrast to conventional switches.



A PCB switch is a kind of electrical switch that is best defined using a printed circuit board. The term ‘PCB’ refers to “printed circuit board”, which is the prime feature accounting for the popularity of the switch. 

These printed circuit boards are manufactured using a printed circuit board as the underlying circuitry, which powers the switch’s mechanism. 

Various manufacturers sketch PCB switches in numerous different ways. So, distinct PCB switches highlight a layer of texture that is canvassed in copper. Known as the “copper-clad overlay later,” its conductive properties permit power to move through it when the PCB switch is turned on, and the circuit is finished. 

Thus, the printed circuit board is what makes the switch popular and also characterises the mechanism of the switch. 

PCB or Printed Circuit Boards are employed and applied on all modern devices. These circuit boards function as the brain of these devices. It interfaces each part installed inside the gadget to make them operational. However, the section will further focus on a keyboard’s PCB and its functionality. 



When we press the keyboard while typing, the printed circuit board sends crucial signals to the computer for the commands according to the keystrokes. Without this part, controlling and operating the computer would not be plausible. 

To put in precision, a keyboard works primarily due to the PCB installed. This is straightforwardly associated with the PC through a connector. The signs are sent by pressing the keys and are carried straight to the PC. They will likewise decide on the similarity of the board through its layout and size. 

Therefore, the printed circuit board controls the whole keyboard on mechanical keyboards. Hence, if you are looking to build or get a custom keyboard PCB, it is important to know how the PCB looks and works in the first place. 

Before the assembly of the PCB keyboard, it is important to test whether the PCB is functioning well. This will save effort and time while building the keyboard. Hence, it is important to get an efficient PCB in the first place. 

After the testing, a metallic object will be used, which would function as a switch. After that, tenderly touch the PCB with the metallic object, which will interface the contact points. With this process, the keyboard keys’ efficiency can be seen. 

It is also important to note that the PCB you are opting for will reflect the size of the whole console or keyboard. 

Furthermore, PCB on keyboards has a similar primary function to circuit boards on different gadgets. They connect and combine electric parts for their operation. Additionally, its main purpose is to convey the signals that the pressing of the keys makes. 

In constructing keyboards, there are characteristic features that can be added. After inspecting the PCB, the following thing to do is screw or clip the stabiliser to the PCB. After that, you will either solder or hot-swap all the switches on the PCB. One thing to be remembered before soldering your switches is that switches can be changed or removed if they are desoldered. However, this consumes time and can potentially harm your PCB. 

It is also important to consider that the PCB’s design decides your PC’s layout. Likewise, since it is the brain of the keyboard, the terminals will also be found on the PCB. This is where the connectors would be plugged onto the PC. 



Markets these days are extremely simple to find with advanced technology. Numerous online websites and stores also offer various things where you can find various parts for your keyboard. You can likewise check sites that explicitly sell keyboard parts. 

When buying a custom PCB keyboard, you must know the layout and size of the desired keyboard you want. This is to know the similarity of the parts that you will get. 

You can likewise get a custom PCB design. For this, it is crucial to find the right vendor because your keyboard’s complete functionality, efficiency and utility would depend on your PCB’s quality. There is no better manufacturer than Protolab, which provides high-quality PCB components to match your fabrication, design, and assembly needs. It also gives talented human resources to look after completing your instalment and assembly.