Have you ever had difficulty seeing the keys on your keyboard in a dark setting? This may not be very pleasant if you attempt to write anything essential.

When looking for a new laptop, it’s easy to get caught up in the key specifications and overlook the keyboard’s specifications. And it’s a real shame since the keyboard is the one piece of the laptop that you will interact with the most. In addition, it’s the link between human input and machine output

So, your productivity and comfort are directly correlated to the quality of your keyboard. This is why a backlit keyboard might be a great solution to this issue, but you might wonder, “What makes Backlit Keyboard so special?” If you’d want to learn more about it, keep reading.


What is a Backlit Keyboard?

A backlit keyboard is a kind of computer keyboard with illuminated keys.

Under the keys of a backlit keyboard, there is an LED. The backlight illuminates these characters and symbols for easier reading in low-light conditions. The light shines like a window through the semi-transparent print on the keys.

If you have a laptop with a backlight, you may also notice that the little area around the key is illuminated. The brightness of a backlit keyboard may usually be adjusted.

Most backlights emit white light. Even though there are backlights that produce various hues, we’ll get to them when we talk about gaming laptops.


How Important is Backlit Keyboard?

A backlit laptop keyboard is essential since it is so portable. Listed below are some reasons:

No additional light source is available if you need to use your laptop outside the workplace. The backlit keyboard is a very great tool that can be of importance to anyone in the case of power outage and you need to do a work needed to be submitted the following day or urgently in the night with your laptop. It saves you the stress of having to look for an external light because there’s illumination coming from the keyboard of your laptop if it were backlit.

Also, A lighted keyboard is a lifesaver when you’re flying at night or travelling by road at night. It provides the right amount of light to get the job done without bothering anybody else. Most importantly for those who have difficulty typing without glancing at the keyboard’s keys, having a backlit keyboard may be beneficial. 

A backlit keyboard might be useful if you operate it outdoors at night. Many astronomers, for example, may spend the whole night at a dark observing location to study the night sky. To record observations or operate equipment, astronomers use laptops. They may need a lighted keyboard for their job.

The importance of backlit keyboard as per applications cannot be over emphasized as there are other home applications for a backlit keyboard that you may not have previously considered. If your laptop keyboard is backlit, you may continue typing even if there is a power outage and no electric light is available.

The Backlit keyboards are also available in one or more colours, thereby making your keyboard look very attractive and appealing both to you and to those around you. The interesting phase of its importance is, it can be customized to suite your preference or choice of colours.


What is illuminated keyboard?

Keys on illuminated keyboards are illuminated using backlighting, which eliminates the need for task lighting that can produce glare. Therefore, illuminated keyboards are Keyboards that’s makes the keypad function even in darkness.

How do you Identify good quality backlit keyboard?

You should consider the following factors in order to identify a good quality backlit keyboard:

    • You must be able to adjust the brightness and tweak manually from your laptop.
    • To identify a good quality backlit keyboard, endeavour to check the Key Layouts and the touch pad must be effective. Typing should not be a pain in the neck.
    • Lighting Bleed is less likely to occur on a good quality backlit keyboard with a solid border around each key.



In the event that you’re unable to make a decision between two identical laptops, you may wish to go for one with a backlit keyboard. Keep in mind that adding backlighting to a regular keyboard is almost difficult.

Having a backlight keyboard is preferable than not having one since you never know what you may need it for. You may also just turn it off when you no longer need it.

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