Printed Graphics

What is Illuminated Technology?

Do you know how important the illumination Keyboards are?

When you’re working on a keypad or keyboard and the power goes out abruptly, placing you in a gloomy environment with trouble seeing the keys on your keyboard.  This is really annoying, especially if you are working on anything essential and everything grinds to a standstill because the keypad or keyboard is not visible.  Similarly, it is difficult to the users to operate the machines who are working in dark settings like deep trenches in the military or gloomy rooms in the navy.

What is a Graphic Overlay?

Graphics Overlays are thin films printed as an item’s top layer. They are periodically used when embellishing an item and assist with giving a feeling of usefulness to an item.  They are usually connected to the top, seeing the surface, and they are periodically used...

What are Printed Graphic Overlays?

Graphic Overlays are labels that are aesthetically designed to enhance the appearance of your product, made of various materials, incorporated with ergonomic enhancements, and profiled, formed, and shaped to add a third dimension to your product. Decals are designed...