For Auto Dials

ROHS & REACH Compliant Material

We believe in using the finest of raw materials, Polycarbonates, Polyester, Polymers, Vinyls with both gloss and matte surface finishes as well as specialty textures, such as soft touch, anti-bacterial, fine matte, brush chrome and many more.. Acrylic Adhesives, in various thickness, Conductive Pastes, Glass Epoxy Copper Clads PCBs, Hardware and UL/ROHS complaint both active and passive components and or its equivalents.


We specialize in Screen Printing and Digital printing. We screen print up to 133 LPI using the finest solvent, UV, Waterbase and specialty inks to suit application specific requirements.

Color & Texture

We have matching shades to both the Pantone Matching Systems and Ral Shade Card and they are matched up to 2Δ on a variety of substrates. To further enhance the visual cosmetics select from Gloss or Matte UV Textured finishes and special effects.

Tactile Feedback

To ensure a response is registered or to make the contact when a switch is pressed a snap action dome is embedded. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be selectively Gold Plated or Nickel plated .There are two types of Domes : Metal and Polydomes.


Can be treated for Clear transparency for use with LCD’s / Displays or filtered transparent in Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, Violet and Smoke Grey for use with LED’ and Displays with Selective Hard Coat and Anti Glare Finishes.

Dead Front Panels

Are secret-til-lit panels which are visible when they are lit.


A third dimension can be added to any part of the panel. PAD type gives a conventional panel appearance and RIM type raises the entire edge enhancing visual as well as functional appeal.

3D Effects

A 3D effect can be crafted on the surface either by screen printing or can be thermoformed to create the effect which has both high environmental and mechanical durability. It can be in various shapes, sizes and text.


We design and process 3D Labels, Emblems, Logos, selective keys and text with PU / Optically Clear Epoxy Resins, doming to add the 3rd dimension. They can be designed in any shape or size.

In Mould Decoration (IMD)

In mould decoration printed dials manufactured using the finest inks and substrates of Polycarbonate and Polyesters which are embedded in the moulded articles whilst blow moulding, injection moulding or thermoforming.

Laser Cutting

The use of our laser cutting system with its optical registration allows us to consistently maintain the most stringent tolerances for prototyping and tooling for production.

Barcode & QR Codes

We can provide allied fonts of Barcode both with or without Serial numbers for batch traceability.