For Precious Packaging

ROHS & REACH Compliant Material

We believe in using the finest of raw materials, Polycarbonates, Polyester, Polymers , Vinyls with both gloss and matte surface finishes as well as specialty textures, Acrylic Adhesives, in various thickness.


Printing processes include Screen Printing, Multicolor Offset Printing, Digital Printing or a combination of multiple processes with additional specialized metalized colours.

Color & Texture

We have matching shades to both the Pantone Matching Systems and Ral Shade Card and they are matched up to 2Δ on a variety of substrates. To further enhance the visual cosmetics select from Gloss or Matte UV Textured finishes and special effects.

Tactile Feedback

We specialize in giving an additional texturing effect to the precious packaging which can be felt when touched by silk screen printing or stamping.

3D Effects

A 3D effect can be crafted on the surface either by screen printing or can be thermoformed to create the effect which has both high environmental and mechanical durability. It can be in various shapes, sizes and text.

Micro Text Printing

Microprinting is the production of recognizable patterns or characters in a printed medium at a scale that requires magnification to read with the naked eye. To the unaided eye, the text may appear as a solid line.

Guilloche Printing

Guilloche graphics refers to complex line patterns formed of two or more curved lines plotted according to mathematical principles. Guilloche patterns provide such effective anti-counterfeiting protection that they are used on virtually all banknotes throughout the world and normally used to create ornamental borders and emblems, they are effective, and beautiful.

Tamper Evident

A versatile, reliable performance and durable transfer colour that detects tampering with display such as “OPENED” OR “VOID” message in the surface when removal is attempted; you’ll instantly know if someone peeled this security seal off. This results in distortion and deformation of design which cannot be realigned.

UV Printing

UV inks or “fluoresce” appear to glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. In normal lighting however, they are invisible to the naked eye. The security of the technology lays in the difficulty of producing it as well as its limited distribution and can be offered in Red, Blue and Yellow colours.

Barcode & QR Codes

We can provide allied fonts of Barcode both with or without Serial numbers and in both Serial / Random sequence.


2D / 3D Holograms are recognized worldwide as effective anti-counterfeiting tools for plastic cards. They can be embedded or stamped on the surface layer.

Integrated Solutions

From conceptualization to creation, we can craft dynamic designs for packaging various precious and semi precious stones, bars and coins.